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from the A Farmer's Lullaby album.

Cathy Dobson – Adeline

Cathy Dobson is a multi award winning singer/song writer from Melbourne. “Adeline” is her new single from her 5 track EP “A farmer’s lullaby”.

The song began with the opening lines “Down by the lake near home there’s a nameless cross and a pile of stones”…

Her initial intention was to write a murder ballad, about a nameless grave, but the story took its own different journey….which you will have to listen to yourselves.

The story is told from the point of view of a young girl, Adeline. The name Adeline was meant to be a temporary one till a better one was found - but in the end it seemed to suit the song.

It was recorded with Lachlan Bryan and Damian Cafarella in Melbourne.

The beautiful single art work is by Melbourne artist Tracey Roberts.