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Money Ran Out

from the K & R album.

Kelly Crosby and Ronnie Buckpitt – Money Ran Out


“Money Ran Out” is track 6 off the album “K & R”.

Produced by Brent Larkham and Bernd Voss.

Recorded at Somartones Studio, Seville, Spain and Buena Vista Studios, Tamworth, Australia.


As a prodigious songwriter, Ronnie Buckpitt has always kept an ear out for a story, or a line that would match up with a few musical notes….

Be it something of import, topical or just funny, that’s where his forte’ lies.


Kelly Crosby is one half of the Golden Guitar winning Crosby Sisters, and fans have always responded to her quick wit and ability to make them laugh – sometimes at themselves.

Her vocal counterpart to Ronnie’s gruff vocals make for something different in the current candy floss mire that is Australian Country Music.

So sit back, sing along and enjoy…