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Such Is Life 2020

from the N/A album.

Watling & Bates – Such Is Life 2020

Such Is Life 2020 marks 140 years since the execution of Ned Kelly on 11th of November 1880.  Kelly was 25 years of age and Australia’s most formidable bushranger.

The Melbourne Cup Day release acknowledges Kelly’s horsemanship and the British colony of Victoria into which he was born.  In 2020 Cup day is November 3rd, which in 1880 saw the execution date handed down.

Producer, engineer, and guitarist Thor Phillips has teamed with drummer Marcus Schintler to bring a finely honed Australian rock edge to the colonial strings and reeds of Watling & Bates.

Contentious, redoubtable, judged redeemed or unforgiven, the chord struck by the Kelly Gang resonates across the Australian cultural landscape.  

Watling & Bates live in Unumgar NSW, near mountains where bushrangers roamed and colonial shadows still dwell.