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Another Veteran That's Broken

from the album.

Gina Timms – Another Veteran That’s Broken Suicide has taken far too many lives! The number of suicides among Australian Defence Force personnel is enormous.This song is to honour all our servicemen and women who have come home “broken” and who have sought peace by the saddest of outcomes – suicide. “To the veterans still fighting a crappy system that continually fails them and lets them down, and to those who continue to serve, including my own son, we support you, we thank you and we love you. I hope this helps send a strong message that we need a Royal Commission into veteran suicides – and we need it NOW! We can’t just sit back and watch one more veteran fall ... My own brother is “Another Veteran That’s Broken” and I will not stop fighting for him and every other veteran who deserves better.” - Gina Timms