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The Ghost Of This Guitar

from the Stir The Embers album.

Tony Smith – The Ghost Of This Guitar

After the incredible national chart success of his first two singles ‘Dirt Kids’ and ‘Dance On’, Tony Smith continues to bring us songs full of Australian colour and characters with his latest release ‘The Ghost Of This Guitar’ – this one inspired by the great Slim Dusty. Taken from his forthcoming album ‘Stir The Embers’, it’s a rollicking country tune that captures the true Australian country spirit in the style of Henry Lawson.

“ When I was young Dad used to play Slim Dusty every night while he had a beer on the verandah and one song in particular was a favourite of mine “Where Country Is” a song about an old ringer sitting outside the Birdsville hotel singing songs about Australia. I wrote this song as an ode to the old ringer and his cracked and battered Gibson guitar” Tony Smith

‘The Ghost Of This Guitar’ is sure to be another hit with country radio as Tony treads the well-worn path of Australian country pioneers like Slim Dusty and John Williamson with a style that is truly his own.