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from the One Girl Band 25 Years album.

Vanessa Delaine - Anaheim

‘Anaheim’ is a  beautiful heartfelt story of a woman watching her lover get on a bus to travel to Southern California, knowing she would never hold him back from his dreams of Hollywood.

‘Anaheim’ is track #5 on the ‘One Girl Band 25 Years’ Album and a bonus acoustic mix of the song is also on ‘The 1995 Sessions’ companion album. All instruments played by producer Glenn Langford. Backing Vocals by Wendy Ford. Recorded in Sydney in 1995 and remastered by Glenn Langford in 2020.

‘Anaheim’ was my first attempt at writing contemporary country and was inspired by a Trisha Yearwood song. I picked the name ‘Anaheim’ from an Atlas as I knew to have the song work it would need to be based in the USA. I have never been to Anaheim but I visited Hollywood a couple of years ago and walking down Hollywood Boulevard made my song seem so much more real to me.