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Little Old Christmas Tree

from the Snowing In New York album.

Tony Clarke – Little Old Christmas Tree

This year, 2020, Tony has re performed, mixed and mastered, three of his Christmas songs, Christmas Time, Little Old Christmas Tree and finally Walking Home to Christmas.

These Christmas beauties will take to you back to the days of pure story telling!

“Little Old Christmas Tree” is a song about the love between a mother and son born in to poverty.

As his mother says "We don't have much but you surely do have me".

The boy can't understand why his friends get gifts from Father Christmas? but he does not.

All they have is a little old Christmas tree which his mother brings him to and comforts him.

In the end he questions himself, would he exchange that tree for his friends gifts? He say's

no! He just loved that Christmas tree and every year he sits beside it remembers his mother

and their Christmas times.

The song is about the true love at Christmas.