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Stompbox Ft Keegan

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Mikal Lips – Stompbox Ft Keegan

First time Australian release for Kiwi Singer Songwriter Mikal LIps.  Mikal has had a long career as a live working artist, a playwright and Author. He has been to the Gold Guitars in New Zealand where he won the award for ‘Best Original Song’ 3 years in a row. 

To the song … The Stompbox (foot-drum) works because it's small, portable and makes a huge difference to the tightness of the music. 

‘Stompbox’ brings to life the atmosphere at a funtime gig. Any gigging musician will recognise the feeling of long sets, long nights, fans buying drinks and staff becoming family....such are residencies. The line "the shooters in a line across the front of our stage"  The lyrics tell all. 

Stompbox..., the dance floor fills up with fans as you all share a great night. They say it’s more fun than work. Most musicians live for those nights!