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Ball and Chain

from the Beginnings album.

Briana Dinsdale – Ball and Chain  

Briana Dinsdale’s debut single, “Ball and Chain” is a catchy, powerful, and fun modern country song. “Ball and Chain” is about letting go of those people that can weigh you down and it’s message will connect with many listeners.

Written by 17 year old Briana Dinsdale, Produced by Louise Wheatley, this song was written to inspire young people to strive for their dreams and not let others steer them away from realising for their goals. Inspired by artists such as Cam, Taylor Swift and Kasey Chambers, Briana Dinsdale is an emerging country pop-rock singer-songwriter based in Brisbane, Australia. She has been singing, performing, and writing music since she was 10 years old.

Briana tells stories about her personal life experiences through unique lyrics combined with a melody which appeals to a wide range of listeners.