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It'll All Be Over Soon

from the That Keilor Beat album.

Greg Champion – It’ll All Be Over Soon

Do you remember in your schooldays, an Aussie poem entitled ‘We’ll All Be Rooned Said Hanrahan’?  An old bushie is predicting flood, fire, drought, ruination and doomsday.

Well, when Greg Champion (Champs) was on the phone to his mum, she said of her recurring phone troubles: “Anyway - It’ll All Be Over Soon”. Both mum and son Greg, immediately saw the Hanrahan connection.

It’ll All Be Over Soon, a throwaway comment about phone issues by a ninety-year-old, was grabbed by Champs, as a more general prediction about life itself. From his just completed album That Keilor Beat, the song joins a long list of Champs tunes under the theme Cheerful Songs About Death. In 2018 Champs was on the charts with Droppin’ Off The Perch. Back in 2002 he released When I Kick The Bucket, also due to that chance remark by his Mum.

Humour, fun, novelty-style songs began for Champs in 1985 with I Made a Hundred in the Backyard at Mum’s. Songs with a smile is what Greg’s always done.