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Goin' For A Ride (The Lennie Gwyther Story)

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Warren Kearney – Goin’ For A Ride (The Story of Lennie Gwyther)

Due to the success of his recent singles “The Pearly Gates Bridge”, and “I’ve Heard It All Before”, Warren is now releasing a new song “Goin’ For A Ride” (The Story of Lennie Gwyther) to radio just in time for Australia Day. 

“Goin’ For A Ride” is a co-write with Maurie Marion who is responsible for the great lyrics and the video which is available on YouTube, while Warren has written the music, done the vocals, harmonies, all instruments, arrangements, recording, mastering and production of this great song.

The song is a true story about Lennie Gwyther’s ride on his horse Ginger Mick, of over 1200 miles in 1932 (at the tender age of 9 years) from southern Victoria to Sydney to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the day it opened.