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The Angels and My Par

from the album.

Gina Timms – The Angels and My Par


The Angels and My Par is Gina Timms’ first single for 2021.


“This song has taken me 1688 days to complete.

My beautiful Par passed away on the 13th June 2016 and I’ve been trying to write this song ever since”.

“I was in Sydney farewelling my son who was sailing for 11 months with the Royal

Australian Navy when my phone rang, it was my mum telling me my dad had passed away. I

remember letting out a very loud nooooo”. The Angels had taken my hero, my dad, my Par, my best friend.

He wasn’t a well man since 1999 when he was diagnosed with a lung disease.

My Par was a fighter and we had him for so many more years than we should have because

of his sheer determination and love of life.

“The Angels and My Par” tells the story of the day the Angels came to take my weary Par


I remember hugging my par on the Friday morning, he was sitting in his flannelette pyjama’s

and had that beautiful “daddy” scent, he was warm, he hugged me tight and told me he

loved me, I kissed his beautiful cheek and told him I loved him, that was our last words

between each other.

I miss him, my heart hurts and this song is helping to heal my broken heart.

Launching this song on Australia Day 2021 is perfect, it’s my Par’s 72nd birthday and the

angels have baked him a cake.

Gina Timms