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The Marriage Box

from the The Marriage Box album.

Clayton Saunders – The Marriage Box

I was inspired to write this song in the hope of giving people a personal insight to what could be powerful ingredients towards creating and sustaining a happy married life.

I did a survey by talking to couples mostly older who had been married for 20, 30, 40 years and more. I asked them about the sanctity of marriage and if there were any specific ingredients, a secret sauce or blueprint that was a guide to their long standing relationships. I crafted their answers and insights into this song and hopefully have done their wisdoms justice. Have a listen and hopefully it will inspire and guide you to create and enjoy a successful fulfilling relationship whether it be marriage or just sharing your hopes and dreams with your life partner.

My single is available for download and purchase on all digital platforms and my website

On my Youtube channel Clayton Saunders Music you’ll find a beautiful lyric video to accompany my song, so enjoy.