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Universe Of Total Strangers (feat.Catherine Porter)

from the N/A album.

Adventures With Alice – Universe Of Total Strangers (feat Catherine Porter)

Adventures With Alice formed in Sydney in 2008 and released their first album, Stereo In The Mono Age. They disbanded without releasing any further material, but in 2020, two of the members decided to record some new material that had been written by Debbie Rollason.

Rollason played bass and guitar and was joined by original member Mark Ashurst on keyboards for 2020's Sometimes/More Times.

The track featured the extraordinary voice of Catherine Porter and was produced by Jim Vallance, one of the foremost songwriters of the modern age.

In 2021, the band collaborated with Catherine and Jim again to release Universe Of Total Strangers, again written by Rollason.

This powerful new single builds on the modern country direction that the band are now taking.