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Waiting 4 My Time

from the COMFORT IN THE WHISKY album.

Chris Callaghan – Waiting 4 My Time

This song came about when I had the audacity to ask Graeme Connors if he would share some ‘hit' song writing tips with me.  He suggested I get up early, wait for any strong universal messages coming through in the stillness, and observe any big things going on around me .

So for a full week, I got up early, climbed to the top of a the Heavitree Gap mountain range in Alice Springs. It was still dark at 5am but I stayed to watched the sunrise and later the next day a sunset. Finally after few days of falling into poisonous tipped spinafex and being bitten by mosquitoes, I believe the end result was worth it.  

I hope you enjoy Waiting 4 My Time.