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This Is Our Land

from the Who I Might Be (To Be Released Late 2021) album.

Destiny Band Oz - This is Our Land


Written by Thomas and Tessa Libreri about their love for Australia

and how blessed they feel for their fortunate way of life in this great 

land of amazing and diverse scenery, climates - and people.

 [Originally to be released 26th January (Australia Day) however out of respect for those

who view it as 'invasion day,' the 13th February was chosen instead because that was

 the date in 2008 that Australia's National Parliament apologised to Australia's First Nations

 peoples for past wrongs and laid claim to a future that embraces all Australians].

Keep and eye out for the music video for 'This is Our Land' on Destiny Band Oz's Youtube channel too.

Music written byThomas Libreri, lyrics by Thomas & Tessa Libreri, Vocals by Tessa Libreri.  

Bass, lead, rhythm and steel/slide guitar - Thomas Libreri and Damian Cafarella, (producer) who also provides all other instrumentation and production at EOR Studios.

Taken from Album: 'Who I Might Be' (to be released later this year)