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Just Get Better

from the How Country Do You Want It (Upcoming) album.

Lynchburgh – Just Get Better

Just Get Better is the very first single released by new duo Lynchburg.

It’s also the first single from their upcoming album How Country Do You Want it?

Lynchburg grew out of a songwriting session between songwriting legend Allan Caswell and multi-instrumentalist and record producer

Lindsay Waddington. The chemistry was so good, and the songs were coming so quickly and easily that Waddo and Cas broke the cardinal music industry rule of “Never start a band in the studio” and Lynchburg was born. Why Lynchburg? … that’s where the whiskey comes from.

“The whole idea of Lynchburg is for Waddo and I to write and record the kind of songs that made us love country music in the first place.”

Just Get Better or the line, you don’t get bitter you just better was a motto that Waddo’s grandfather often used. Waddo carried it around for 40 years until a writing session with Caswell … the song took 40 minutes.

Like all the songs on the album Just Get Better is uncompromisingly classic country.