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Goodbye From Me

from the Pretty Pennies album.

Amber Joy Poulton – Goodbye From Me

“Goodbye From Me” is the first single release from Amber Joy Poulton's brand new album, Pretty Pennies & is an autobiography of her life so far. From growing up in the suburbs, then moving "for love to a sleepy fishing town", to her forever home, by the coast in South Australia's surfing dream town, Corny Point, "Goodbye From Me" covers it all. 

This latest album from Amber Joy, Pretty Pennies, is the product of a thoughtful song-writing journey where Amber, along with producer &co-writer Sam Hawksley created some sweet surprises for this album. 

“Ruby’s Reply”, a song, 10 years in the making, but worth the wait to hear the long-awaited reply to Kenny Rogers famous hit "Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town" & Ruby? She's not happy with his portrayal! Plus, "Jenny's Song", inspired by the Forrest Gump movie & the devastation that poor Jenny faced leaving town to be a famous singer & ending up with her soul bared, on a stool & hiding her shame behind her guitar in some seedy city bar. There are so many country stories to be heard on this album along with a cover of Blue Bayou with her mates Beccy Cole & Felicity Urquhart. "

"There are some things in life that there are too few of – good, clean water; Robert Redford movies, cures for major diseases and Amber Joy Poulton albums." (K.Johnson).