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Southerly Change

from the Southerly Change album.

Tracy Coster – Southerly Change

Australia’s favourite country music songstress Tracy Coster presents Southerly Change, the second single from her much-anticipated album of the same name.

This is a special track for Tracy, with the song talking about the breaking of the drought, about better times on the horizon.
The song reflects what the entire album of the same name is about, hope and positivity and brighter days ahead.
The track was recorded remotely due to the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, a challenging time for everyone, with all the different parts having to be recorded and sent to Steve Newton back in Tamworth for him to put together and masterfully produce.

"The Glenn Ford-penned title track of Tracy Coster’s brilliant new album, Southerly Change will have you dancing in the rain. There’s joy in the music and the words, just what Australians on the land need to hear when times get tough."
Anna Rose – Journalist

The single is available from the 05th of March, with the album Southerly Change due for release March 19th 2021.