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Eye Of The Storm

from the Why Me Lord, Who Am I album.

Kerrigan La-Brooy – Eye Of The Storm

Following his five Number 1 singles off his first Country Gospel Album, Kerrigan La-Brooy is back with the first single off his brand-new album. The Album is titled “Why Me Lord, Who Am I” and the Single is titled “Eye Of The Storm”.

This song is well-timed, given the situation in Australia and around the world, where people are facing difficulty and uncertainty. “Eye Of The Storm” captures the emotions of men and women alike. It relates to parents, children, hopes and dreams, the sick and the destitute, pain and heartache. And through it all, Kerrigan’s distinctive voice offers reassurance and comfort, right through to the climatic ending, where he performs a soul-stirring rendition of the 23rd Psalm.

Kerrigan offers his heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all DJs, Radio Stations and Listeners for supporting his music.