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A Dream and A Song

from the A Dream and A Song album.

John O’Dea – A Dream and A Song

This song, written by John O’Dea’s producer, Stuie French, is somewhat of a rarity.

Even though Stuie has made countless records for others, his vocals rarely feature on any, except for maybe this one.

This song, the title track to Johno’s latest album, pays tribute to the greatest country star Australia has ever seen – the late Slim Dusty.

They share lead vocals while paying homage to the man who’s “still the king of a country song”. Johnno and Stuie have had quite an association over the years, making several albums together.

This one is undoubtedly the pinnacle of that partnership. It was one of the last albums Stuie produced at Swingin’ Door before relocating to America with his family. Turn it up, sing along and salute the king!