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Country Cries

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Larry Cann – Country Cries

Former professional cowboy singer/songwriter Larry Cann releases new single Country Cries and has joined forces with Drought Angels to get the message of hope to rural families across the country. 

The song made the semi-finals of the TSA Salute Awards in Tamworth in January. It's raw and it's real.

"Inspired by losing a dear friend a few years ago whom I always thought had a perfect family. Then a chance meeting with a local councillor near where I live in Qld mid 2020 who had also dealt with the loss of a loved one taking their own life gave me inspiration to sit down and put pen to paper. One week to the day after that meeting Larry wrote, Country Cries. Know that if you're struggling talk to someone, and let's change the end and let the country smile again". #youarenotalone

Produced by Aussie Michael Flanders in Nashville, this song tugs at the heart and draws on the hope we can all make a difference. As the turnaround chorus states, "We can change the end, we don't have to lose a friend."

Brand-new video clip released mid-March 2021.