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Born Of The Fire

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John Leslie Hulcombe – Born Of The Fire

The greater part of John Leslie Hulcombe life has oscillated around musical frequencies and travel. Having fulfilled his wanderlust he has returned looking to immerse himself in a world of sound and sonics in which he is the musical pivot.

Back creating a soulful blend of Folk, Pop and Rock, John is more inspired than ever before to write, sing and perform. 2020 saw the official return of John Leslie Hulcombe through his song 'Town of Love'. Beautifully telling a story of love, friendship and homecoming, it received airtime on regional and urban radio stations and made the shortlist for an Australian Songwriters Association Award.

Next up for the multi-talented Australian singer/songwriter is the release of his next single, 'Born of the Fire' (16th April 2021).To date the track has received extensive air play on community and independent radio in several countries around the world including the UK, Europe and America. The release will be featured in New York based Relix Music Magazine. Keep up to date with all things John Leslie Hulcombe via Facebook