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Footprints Over My Heart

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Carylann – Footprints Over My Heart

For her birthday in 1996 songwriter Ginny Peters was given a T-Shirt on which her grandchildren had placed their footprints including two year old Eva. Later that year on September the 2nd Eva was found to have passed away in her bed during the night.

Soon after, Ginny wrote this song, but because of the sadness put it away only for it to re-emerge now twenty five years later.

Now one of the most loved and talented artists on the New Zealand Country music scene Carylann has recorded the song. Carylann has worked extensively in England as well as touring all over New Zealand and has four top selling albums to her credit.

Ginny Peters has had over 180 covers of her songs in five countries including five gold and one platinum recordings. Brian Letton had great success with her song "In The Arms Of A Memory" in the early 1990's.

The T-Shirt reminds us that even in sad times wonderful happy memories always remain.