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Just In Memories

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Tony Clarke – Just In Memories

This song is inspired by the strength and character of the people who fought and lived through a war. Their determination to achieve, their war efforts, their selfless attitude, puts most of us to shame.

The song starts with a young man talking to a couple of elderly people in his street. He stops to say hello and sometimes finds the lady crying about her sons killed in the war. Yet they still give him their time and big smiles of encouragement just because they can.

As time goes on, one day his stops to say hello and there is only the gentlemen left there, the lady has passed away! The man’s eyes have changed, his demeanour has changed, yet still he has a smile for the boy and still he gives him advise to Hold on to what you believe.

Shows that sometimes life throws bad things our way! But will still pray there are children who follow us.