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Searching for my Emily

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Tony Clarke – Searching For My Emily

This song was inspired from returning soldiers, who came back from war to find their life in tatters. Their homes destroyed, with their families missing.

The story is about one of the same who comes home to find his home raised to the ground! except the two walls of the hallway, left standing alone. He leaves a message in a bottle, by these two walls, in case his loved one returns there to find him.

The town is in chaos, people displaced, no one really knows who survived, and who did not, so he starts to search the grave yards.

He finds and old cemetery with a broken gate in between a hedge and decides to look for his Emily in there. As he is walking through the grave yard, he is reading the messages left by others on all the head stones. This leads him to a new grave which simply says "Emily lies here she never quite made it home" as his eyes look down the head stone it also reads, "but she has left some space here where they both can remain"