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You're Still Just 22

from the TBA album.

The McKay Bros – You’re Still Just 22

The McKay Brothers (Geoff and Lach) grew up on a small dairy farm almost 9 Klms west of Bowraville on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Their parents Rita and Bruce had a great love for music and this love of music was passed onto the boys as well as their 2 sisters Barbara and Wendy. Growing up, because they didn’t have a television, music and singing together was just what they did to entertain themselves.

Jump forward some 45 years and the boys have a chance meeting with the amazing Kelly Dixon at Kenmore Park Music Muster, New Years Eve 2020. After spending some time over a few days, swapping stories and many laughs they formed a friendship that lead to Kelly sending the boys the words of a song he had penned for his beautiful wife Marion.

The McKay Bros added a great tune and this ballad “you’re Still Just 22” came to be.

On the 14th May 2021 the boys met up with Kelly and Marion in Toowoomba and for the first time they heard the song.

Not only had Kelly kept the song a secret from Marion but the boys had kept the music a secret from Kelly until that Friday night.

Thankfully, both Marion and Kelly loved the finished product and the boys hope that everyone else will fall in love with the song as they did recording it.