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Love Is A Circle

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Paul Seils JNR – Love Is A Circle

Celebrating Life & Love and remembering a friend is behind the new single from Paul Seils JNR “Love Is A Circle” while raising money for a cause close to his heart.

The Sunshine Coast based Artist recorded Love Is A Circle in memory of Brenton (Washuntara) Roberts, a close friend who co-wrote the song with Karren Pell.

Washuntara was one of the founders of Circle of Men, which operates in Australia and the US (Nashville) and other parts of the world, as an informal support group of men for men which offered fellowship and friendship.

The song also has a deeper meaning now following Washuntara’s untimely passing, as the theme of the song encourages people to seek help for their issues, share their stories and use Love to Lift others up.

“With the stress and anxiety that we’re dealing with in these times, Love sometimes gets forgotten because everything else seems to become more important - I want to remind people to reach out and connect with other people and see what each other is dealing with.”