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Glorious Day

from the Why Me Lord, Who Am I album.

Following his Six Number 1 singles, Kerrigan La-Brooy is back with his 7th release, titled “Glorious Day”.

This is yet another perfectly timed release, given the difficulty and uncertainty faced by Australia and the rest of the world. ‘Glorious Day’ portrays Kerrigan’s uplifting and exciting voice; in addition to the lead vocals, he does some of the harmonies as well. This song will drive away any pandemic blues, change darkness to light and convict the listener to realize their true value and the significance of who they are.

Kerrigan has always recognised the importance of radio airplay and DJ support, and he continues to appreciate the fact that without the wonderful radio presenters, listeners and chart compilers, artists can sing till they’re blue in the face, to no avail.

He offers his profuse thanks to everyone and hopes you enjoy his latest track.