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Blame It On The Weather

from the Russian Blue album.

Adam James – Blame It On The Weather

Adam James announces the release of both his album ‘Russian Blue’ and the new single ‘Blame It On The Weather’.

This 3rd studio album for Adam James, takes a stylistic change.  Recorded on blues holy land in Nashville’s The Sound Emporium, James has connected with long-time producer Stuie French and a backing band of local greats whose veins bleed Blues and Roots.

‘Russian Blue’ explores themes of coming to terms with profound human experiences and facing up to truths, as difficult as that may be. It is poignant that James finds himself in Nashville, the very place where Henry Howden coined the term, “three chords and the truth” to create his watershed album.

When asked about this latest beautiful easy listening single Adam said …

“Blame It On The Weather'' is a track I wrote about the mixed emotions of broken love from a family member living in the Big Apple, New York City.  This lived experience was amplified by the fact they were so far away from home and feeling isolated walking the streets of a concrete jungle looking for an answer or something to blame everything on.”